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Azrak Hamway International (AHI) Space:1999 Toys

Azrak Hamway Space 1999

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After their runaway success with the Star Trek line of toys, it shouldn't come as a shock that AHI snapped up the rights to this then new science fiction epic created by Gerry Anderson. Sci Fi mania was sweeping America thanks to the reruns of Star Trek playing in syndication across America and "Space:1999" promised to be even a bigger hit. It had a huge budget, incredible special effects and name stars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. While the series didn't replace Star Trek, we did get some cool toys out of the deal.

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Azrak Hamway Eagle One

The Eagle Transporter was one of the more memorable things about the series and honestly has it's own fan base.

Azrak Hamway martin landau

More Parachuting, AHI always amanged to sneak these in. This one is a pretty good likeness of Martin Landau.

Eagle pilot from Space:1999

This is an Eagle pilot, I'm going to pretend it's Alan Carter.

Azrak Hamway Stun Gun from Space 1999

The Space:1999 Stun Gun was actually a pretty good replica, take away the squirt trigger and it's a passable replica.

Azrak Hamway Moon Buggy

The very cool moon buggies were often a point of merchandising.

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