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Azrak Hamway International (AHI) Spider-Man Toys

Azrak Hamway Spider-Man

Next to Batman, Spider-Man was AHI's most popular characters and he recieved an incredible amount of merchandise.

Which is weird considering that Peter Parker is just a working class schlub who often complains about money issues, let alone has the skills to pilot the many hotrods, copters and rockets AHI encumbered him with.

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Azrak Hamway spider copter

What? You don't remember the Spider-Copter? What kind of Spider-Man fan are you?.

alt azrak spidercard

The spin out Spider Car, one of many of cars from Spider-man's Jerry Seinfeld-esque collection of cars

Azrak Hamway spidermobile

The Remote Controlled Spider Car was a great seller..

Azrak Hamway Spider Ca

A box variation of the Spider Car..

Azrak Hamway Spider-Man Cycle

Spider-Man looks kind of silly on a Motor Cycle but this sure wasn't the last time a toy company put him on one..

Azrak Hamway Spider Copter

AHI gave almost everybody a helicopter including the Planet of the Apes Characters!.

Azrak Hamway Spiderman car

That is one hell of a vehicle for a poor student.

Azrak Hamway spiderman

Spider-Man occasionally did make parachutes from his webbing, my God, this toy makes sense! They still sell Spider-Man parachute figures at Toys R Us...

Azrak Hamway Spiderman water pistol

Take that Mysterio!.

Azrak Hamway rocket

Well I guess he is a scientist and could make rockets of this ilk, it's more believable than web shooters...

Hulk Parachute

There is nothing more pleasant and nonsensical than a parachuting Hulk is there?

Hulk Water Pistol

I don't have may Hulk items so I thought I'd put them in here, his water gun looks like the weapons from "V".

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