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Azrak Hamway International (AHI) Star Trek Toys

Azrak Hamway Star Trek

Azrak Hamway was known for licensing and they were second only to Mego in the amount of licensed products they offered. Star Trek was one of the more shining examples of this, with the classic series recieving a revival of sorts thanks to the magic of syndication, AHI created a wide assortment of lower priced toys based on the series. All Pictures in this Gallery are courtesy of Bill Frost.

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Azrak star trek phaser

The Phaser was a big seller for AHI and their sister company Remco, it took on numerous forms, things like this watergun were a best selling staple.

Azrak star trek parachute Mr Spock

Sky Diving Parachute figures never made a lick of sense but children certainly wanted them. Here Mr Spock decides to not bother with the transporter today

Azrak star trek parachute captain kirk

Sky Diving Captain Kirk is rarely seen and quite a nice piece.

Azrak star trek

AHI branded Saucer guns for many of their licenses including Lost in Space and Space:1999, which we'll eventually get around to covering.

Azrak star trek

The Soaring Enterprise has terrific packaging, one of the neatest things about these toys is the creative colour schemes used to attract a child's eye. Also it's important to note that none of these items have the same packaging, it's all over the place, something you don't see in today's world of style guides.

Azrak star trek

This package of spare Jet Disks is actually dual branded with Space:1999, that's a big No-No in today's marketplace.

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AHI parachute characters

Space: 1999 was another license AHI exploited quite well, with a variety of rack toys. The S.W.A.T parachute (based on the popular television program) kind of makes me laugh for some reason. (Scan courtesy of Mike Jimenez).

AHI Phasers

Possibly AHI's best science fiction license was Star Trek, they created many interpretations of the Phaser (and through Remco as well), AHI even licensed Lost in Space for a series of toys like these Saucer guns. (Scan courtesy of Mike Jimenez).

AHI disk guns

Jet disk guns were a very popular item for AHI as were their pretty accurate pen light guns.(Scan courtesy of Mike Jimenez).

AHI Star Trek Jet Disks

A clean shot of the AHI dual branded Trek/1999 jet disks (you wouldn't see that anymore) courtesy of Will Frost


AHI Water Pistols

I had the Space: 1999 water pistol as a kid, it looked just like the real thing. The Eagle and Enterprise squirt guns are really clever items. (Scan courtesy of Mike Jimenez).

AHI Enterprise toys

This flying enterprise toy by AHI is an inspired toy but the catalog illustration beside it looks like the work of a rushed artist.

AHI Water Pistols

These fun little Space:1999 pullback vehicles are tough to find MOC now. Oddly the first vehicle is based on an MPC model kit also called "The Alien" that had nothing to do with Space:1999!. (Scan courtesy of Mike Jimenez).

Azrak Hamway

When it comes to licensed rack toys, AHI was the absolute king. This may have been due to the hiring of former Mego Vice President Neil Saul in the early Seventies. Saul brought with him much of his licensing expertise honed at Mego. Below are some items that Azrak Hamway is famous for in terms of Rack Toys. Always interested in photos of things not seen here.

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