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Azrak Hamway International (AHI) Gallery

Azrak Hamway

The name AHI stands for "Azrak-Hamway Incorporated" the name stems from the partnership of one Marvin Azrak and Ezra Hamway. The company was formed in the mid 1960s, by 1974 they had purchased the name of the Remco Toy Corporation and utilized a two tier approach to marketing. Remco would produce the higher priced TV advertised items, while AHI would create lower cost rack toys. In the mid 1980s, it all folded under the Remco brand.

AHI is one of the most important toy companies to children of the 1970s as they produced a staggering amount of items during that period utilizing the hot licenses of the day. Everything from Lost in Space to M*A*S*H to KISS was in their rouster making their items highly collectible on the secondary market.

The product was sometimes crudely made but the appeal was in the concept and the eye catching packaging that the company was known for.

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1977  AHI Toy Catalog
1976  AHI Toy Catalog
1977  AHI Toy Catalog
1979  AHI Toy Catalog

Universal MOnster toys by AHI
Monster Gallery
Batman Toys by AHI
Batman Gallery
Star Trek Toys by AHI
Star Trek Gallery
Planet of the Apes Toys by AHI
Planet of the Apes Gallery
Spider-Man Toys by AHI
Marvel Comics Gallery
Space:1999 Toys by AHI
Space:1999 Gallery

Above are links to AHI product Catalogs we've been lucky enough to get. If you have any for sale please contact us.

AHI Product Galleries

Below are some links to galleries showcasing a collection of Azrak Hamway rack toy products, broken up by license, if you have something you'd like to contribute to the galleries, please let us know:

AHI Star Trek Toys

AHI was one of the bigger companies to catch the wave of early '70s star trek mania, check out the AHI Star Trek Toys gallery

AHI Planet of the Apes Toys

It's a toy department ruled by APES! AHI really had fun with the Planet of the Apes License, check out it's gallery here.

AHI Space 1999 Toys

The ambitious Gerry Anderson Science Fiction series Space: 1999 was the subject of many AHI products.

AHI Batman Toys

Perhaps no other character got as much merchandise from AHI than the caped crusader. Check out our AHI Batman Toys gallery

AHI Spider-Man Toys

If Batman got a car, then Spider-Man needs a car, so AHI made lots of copters and boats for him too. Stan Lee commanded them too!

AHI creature from the black lagoon

A license that AHI is best known for in collector's circles is the Universal Monsters or as they were branded "The World Famous Super Monsters" a line that included Action Figures, Jigglers, Bendable figures, Wind Ups and even squirt guns. Click the banner to visit the AHI Super Monsters Gallery.

AHI MASH copter

It's not often you see M*A*S*H merchandise but the Helicopters make perfect sense, I don't really have a place for these yet so I'm just keeping them here until I create a "TV Gallery".

Other AHI/Remco Catalogs

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AHI Toy Galleries

space 1999 toys by azrak hamway planet of the apes azrak hamway toysBatman Toys by AHIAHI Super MonstersAHI

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