AHI Dracula

Here are some vintage ads featuring the AHI Super Monsters that will either make you happy or sad, depending on how you look at things.

This vintage Miejer ad is the 1970s gone wild!

I've never heard of Broadway but I wish I had.

Hmmm, K Mart has the Monsters at $1.57, that's good but I can do better.

Now "Keslings Drugs" has four or the Super Monsters for the tidy price of $1.29 but I've never heard of that store so I'd better keep looking.

$0.88! now that's more like it, I'll take ten of each please. The ad even mentions the Creature, I could cry.

Super Monster Bend Ems, two for a buck! That'd keep me busy now, let alone then.

Alden's in 1974 offered a two pack of Frankenstein and Dracula shown here with differing body styles, weird.

One of the best ways to get the Super Monsters was through Captain Company ads in the back of magazines like Famous Monsters of Filmland. You could grab a whole set for under $15, now that might get you a naked figure, if you're lucky. The Mummy pictured in this ad is a Jiggler and I'm not sure where that Creature is from but it doesn't resemble the finished product.

Nothing says "Valentines Day" like cheap monsters, if you're married to me of course.

A total clearance of AHI figures including Astro Apes, Super Monsters and some of the more generic Action heroes.

Minimum 48? I'd settle for pictures of this.

The Creech is prominantly displayed in this vintage Zayre's ad.

HEY! Got something I don't have? Please send me a picture! I will gladly credit you and send you some Azrak Monster trading cards for your effort.