AHI seemed to have the master toy license for the Universal Monsters as they expanded past action figures into other arenas such as these incredible series of bendable figures.

carded AHI Frankenstein bendy

Above is a carded example of a bendy Frankenstein, the artwork is a loose interpretation of the character but very charming

AHI King Kong

This Dracula is on a Kresge card and is the only such example that has surfaced. Note that the artwork looks to be be taken from the Marvel Tomb of Dracula comic.

AHI Bendy mummy on card

The Bend em Mummy on his elusive card, the artwork seems to be swiped from the Aurora glow model kit.

AHI Bendy Wolfman on card

The Bend em Wolfman card art isn't Lon Chaney but looks like the toy itself.

AHI King Kong

King Kong and Fay Wray also got in on the action here.

AHI frankenstein

The colour scheme (including the blue shoes) would also be used in the Jiggler line

AHI Bendy Dracula

Bendy Dracula is just too cute.

AHI Bendy Wolfman

Wolfman in his shirtless glory.

AHI Bendy Creature from the Black Lagoon

How adorable is this bend em Creature from the Black Lagoon? I am in love! AHI Bendy mummy

The Mummy is the toughest in the set, hands down, be prepared to duke it out for him. I am still smarting from my battle.

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