AHI Dracula

Like a lot of toy lines, the Creature is by far the toughest character to find in the Super Monsters, especially in good shape. This is probably due to the characters popularity and the fact he seems to have been dropped from the line earlier than the rest. Despite this, the Creature still managed to squeak out a pair of distinct variants before it was done.

This version of the Creature is sometimes called the "Female version" most likely because of the body shape. The arms are actually bendable with a wire armiture. Of the two versions of the Creature, this one is the more "common" I use that term loosely because they're both tought to get.

The "male" Creature is a little more accurate to the character and much tougher to find. The paint on the body and claws erodes quite easily and loose examples are often found with little to none on him..

Carded female Creature,easily the most desirable of the AHI Supermonsters in the package.

Back of the card, as far as I know, there is no difference between the male and female Creature packaging,

This is the Creature as he appeared in the 1974 AHI Catalog, looking like a mash up of a Mego doll and an Aurora kit, I want one!

HEY! Got something I don't have? Please send me a picture! I will gladly credit you and send you some Azrak Monster trading cards for your effort.

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