AHI Dracula

Count Dracula seems to have an odd history with AHI, as the figure itself was marketed at arms length from the other characters. He doesn't appear on the other monsters early cards and had his own "Count Dracula" centric packaging with no Universal copyright. It's been conjectured that this is most likely due to issues with the Lugosi estate and while the figure seems to resemble the Aurora monster model head, it don't resemble Lugosi much.

AHI Dracula in original cardback

I had a nice contribution by a fellow named Bob last night of this Azrak Hamway Dracula on the card. I actually didn't have this version in the AHI Monsters gallery so it was a welcome addition.

Dracula was sold in the AHI Official World Famous Super Monsters wave but in a way that distinguished him from the other monsters. The other monsters aren't mention on the card, nor are the monsters, just a huge portrait of Dracula.

AHI Dracula in window box

One of the more puzzling items is the presence of Bela on the card art. I'm assuming that use of his likeness on packaging was somewhat undefined at the time because his does appear on packaging, trading cards and other items but never in figure form.

AHI Dracula in window box

Count Dracula alone was marketed in the UK in a window box, the rest of the Monsters showed up carded in the UK. I'll probably never know exactly why. This piece is available for trade for certain items on my wantlist, if you'd like to know more please contact me

AHI Dracula in window box

The back of the box shows that original AHI card art was used in it's construction but there is no manufacturer name. My best guess is these were created to sell some end run overstock in Hong Kong. Only a couple of ever surfaced, always out of the UK. This piece is available for trade.

This a very late issue Count Dracula, you'll note that the Creature is no longer offered and the AHI logo isn't on the package. The body is simply a generic human body, there is no red colouring on them like in earlier versions..

The back of Dracula's card is gleefully copied from the Aurora Monster Models artwork.

On the left is the early hard head version of Dracula, I love that version of the sculpt. Picture was courtesy of my pal Health Smith

THis version of Dracula has a bloody red face and the outside of his hands have blood red paint, this figure is a very messy eater.

This is a jointed wrist variant on Dracula, all of the monsters save for the Creature got jointed wrists and they all share the Wolfman's hairy chest.

lincoln frankenstein

These cupped hands versions of the monsters are a bit of a mystery, they seem to be very late in the game and all are wearing cleats. The bodies are quite unique and some rumours abound that they were sold in baggies!. My Dracula is missing a shoe and he's pissed off.

lincoln frankenstein

A big ol' Dracula party, showcasing the number of variants. Thanks to Stefano for the picture.

HEY! Got something I don't have? Please send me a picture! I will gladly credit you and send you some Azrak Monster trading cards for your effort.

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