The Frankenstein Monster, simply called "Frankenstein" on the card is one of the more iconic AHI figures, it's headsculpt seems to be aping the popular Aurora kit (The whole Super Monsters line took careful swipes from Aurora) and like most of the figures there are dozens of variations..

This is a carded jointed wrist Frankenstein which was released in 1974, the jointed wrist versions are harder to find.

This a very late issue Frankenstein, you'll note that the Creature is no longer offered, the AHI logo isn't on the package and Franky is now sweaterless. The body is simply a generic human body so it kind of looks like someone wearing a cheap Halloween mask..

The back of Frankenstein's card is gleefully copied from the Aurora Monster Models artwork.

On the left is the early flat palmed version of the monster, this variant has a really hard head and is tougher to find. To the right is the more standard version, a little more common, he is still tough to find in nice shape.

This is a jointed wrist variant on Frankenstein, all of the monsters save for the Creature got jointed wrists and they all share the Wolfman's hairy chest.

lincoln frankenstein

These cupped hands versions of the monsters are a bit of a mystery, they seem to be very late in the game and all are wearing cleats. The bodies are quite unique and some rumours abound that they were sold in baggies!.

lincoln frankenstein

A whole gaggle of AHI Frankensteins, showcasing the number of variants. Thanks to Stefano for the picture.

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