AHI Dracula

The most fun thing about the AHI Mummy is, he's Kharis not Im Ho Tep and that makes perfect sense because even though Karloff's incarnation is more of a classic, Kharis was the work horse who slugged it out through four B pictures and is probably the one who deserves a kit. AHI did the head paint in yellow most likely following the Aurora glow kit box and did the blood stain thing to his bandages (much like Lincoln did) finishing off with some gigantic white shoes (just like the kind Granpa wore!) Over all he is a fantastic figure.

Above is a Kresge carded Mummy, in his standard yellow body. Chains like Kresge ordered so many of these that they got to print their own sticker on the package.

AHI Mummy on a kresge card

This portrait style backer comes on a card identical to the one above, they're both Kresge editions but obviously different waves.

The back of the Mummy's card is gleefully copied from the Aurora Monster Models artwork.

This yellow bodied version of the Mummy is more commonly found, although still tough to find in good shape and complete.

AHI Mummy on a kresge card

The screen accurate Sling armed version of Kharis..

A late model version of the Mummy, these were released on cards without the AHI logo.

This is a jointed wrist variant on The Mummy, all of the monsters save for the Creature got jointed wrists and they all share the Wolfman's hairy chest.

lincoln frankenstein

It's the Mummies! A little "Mad Monster Party" injoke showcasing the number of variants. Thanks to Stefano for the picture.

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