Being the masters of rack toys, AHI used to monster license to create as many cool inexpensive items as they could (Why the hell there are no Monster parachute figures still confuses me), take for example these water pistols which are just wonderful:

AHI Monster water guns

This display box is from the 1976 AHI Catalog and it shows the three characters in the line Frankenstein, The Creature and King Kong. While all of these buggers are hard to find guess which one is the most valuable? You don't get a prize.

AHI frankenstein squirt gun

Close up of the Frank and King King squirt guns, honestly I need to add the Frankenstein to my collection so if you have it and want to part with it, let us discuss.

AHI king kong squirt gun

This Kresge carded Kong is one of the only examples that has ever turned up, one must conjecture that others are out there.

AHI king kong squirt gun

The Creature water pistol is the sweetest plumb of the series.

HEY! Got something I don't have? Please send me a picture! I will gladly credit you and send you some Azrak Monster trading cards for your effort.

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