AHI Dracula

The Wolfman is the second action figure based on the likeness of Lon Chaney Jr (the other being the Mummy) but the Wolfman is definitely Chaney's signature role. The Wolfman is clad in a jacket and pants held together by a rope belt, while the outfit isn't entirely screen accurate, it's not bad either. AHI went the extra step and some of the variants of this figure to have a hairy chest which is, a nice touch.

Above is a carded jointed wrist Wolfman

AHI wolfman on a kresge card

This is a later style Wolfman, the big tells are the flesh body and the Creature has been replaced by Dracula. The AHI logo isn't present nor is the Universal Copyright, hmmmmmmmm.

The back of the Wolfman's card is gleefully copied from the Aurora Monster Models artwork despite the fact that the figure is barefoot and has a jacket..

This version of the Wolfman has a brown body but the feet are now just regular..

A late model version of the Wolfman, all late model monsters have regular flesh bodies.

This is a jointed wrist variant on The Wolfman, all of the monsters save for the Creature got jointed wrists and they all share the Wolfman's hairy chest. Note his unique feet.

lincoln frankenstein

Werewolves of Hong Kong! This photo showcasing the number of variants including the rare "cupped hand" version. Thanks to Stefano for the picture.

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