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1984 Fleetwood Toys Catalog

1984 Fleetwood Toy Catalog

Even though Fleetwood began in the 1970s by grabbing such high brow licenses such as Charlie's Angels and the Marvel Comics Superheroes, the 1980s seemed to be the company's high point with them retaining many high ticket licenses from TV and movies.

1984 is a good example of how Fleetwood was doing with some of the most popular TV faces like the A Team and TJ Hooker, along side riskier brands like Sword and the Sorcerer and Manimal. The Marvel Superheroes were back under the Secret Wars brand and they even dabbled in Hardcastle and McCormick.

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AHI Monsters
TJ Hooker
AHI Superheroes
A Team

AHI Superheroes
More A Team
AHI Spiderman

fleetwood toys
Secret Wars
fleetwood toys
Day Dreams

fleetwood toys
Sword and the Sorcerer
fleetwood toys

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