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Cool Rack Toys from the 70s

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If you grew up in the past 30 years, chances are you had any number of licensed Rack Toys.

These low cost toys were produced mainly by companies that never did any sort of TV advertising and their items seemed to be more commonly found at drug and grocery stores. (A recent episode of Family Guy has Peter ranting against "Those terrible Pharmacy Toys!").

Licensing everything from Obscure cartoon characters to major players such as Batman or the Planet of the Apes, Rack toys are the forgotten collectible. Below are the beginning galleries for Rack Toys, seprated by individual companies that produced them.

Got a rack toy we don't have? Drop us a line, we'd love to feature it.

rack toys the new book from plaidstallions

From Parachuting Planet of the Apes characters to Universal Monster dolls, Azrak Hamway or AHI was one of the most powerful players in 70's rack toys..

Larami was a leader in licensed rack toys, often using highbrow licenses as the Marvel Superheroes and they even created their own 8" action figure line.

Fleetwood toys is largely known for their Marvel Superheroes items like the Ghost Rider cycle, they made a lot of neat stuff!.

New! The Gordy International Gallery.

Imperial Toys was largely known for their licensed bubble sets today but their legacy is in rubber bats, poop-a-troopers and other essential childhood items..

Lincoln Monsters

Lincoln International Monsters Gallery Lincoln made lots of neat stuff like Dalek Water Pistols but I'm largely obsessed with their monster doll line from the mid seventies.

rack toys the new book from plaidstallions