This is my catch all for things that really don't fit in the figure galleries, above is my 2008 attempt to recreate the 1976 Montgomery Wards catalog spread. It's not great but it was a fun learning experience. I forgot to add Robin kicking the Phantom of the Opera in the stomach for some reason.

Here is a prize of my collection, a Lincoln Monsters shipping case, just like the one i had as a kid. This was given to me by my good buddy Dan. In 2004 there was a large find of carded Lincoln Monsters (that seem to have dried up boo-hoo) and I actually was involved in helping write the woman's auctions and get her good money for them. It's the most honest thing I have ever done. The last set with box went to my buddy Dan who gifted it to me. It sits in the Plaidstallions HQ right above my head as I type this, I keep my video camera and other bric-a-brac in it.

One of these days I'll fill it.

This vintage Payless newspaper ad is the only one I've ever found for the Lincoln Monsters, it gives me the shivers.

This Seven foot tall recreation of the Lincoln Mummy was made by yours truly and he comes out every Halloween, he has big claw like hands and is covered in blood. I've seen kids just dart away from him. The only difference between him and the Lincoln Mummy is mine wears size 15 Chuck Taylors, just like his papa.


This Lincoln Mr Rock solid box was painted by yours truly, I don't have a carded Mr Rock, so it made sense to make him the solid box that to my knowledge, he never had.

Mr Rock

The original piece.

Lincoln Dracula portrait on canvas

Dracula box art as done by me.

My first attempt for painting a still life was a spare Lincoln Dracula head I had kicking around. I have never shared this before because I'm kind of weird about my art but here it is:

lincoln Monsters Mummy

My second stab at Lincoln Monsters as art was this attempt to copy the Mummy box, it was a fun challenge and I learned a great deal. Eventually I'll get them all done.

I produced this Lincoln Monsters Trading card back in 2008 to promote the site, it's now a valuable collectible worth almost $1!

Also made this Mummy Sticker about three years ago, again it was a fun little promo item. The design is patterned after some late 70s Monster stickers I had as a kid. Wish I kept these things...

I've started a set of cards to promote each character, I really don't know why I do these things but it is a lot of fun. If you want some, drop me an email, providing I have any left I'll gladly provide you some for the time and effort of reading this site. Got photos? Got Lincoln Stories from Childhood? Got Stuff to sell? Drop me a line



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