The Phantom of the Opera sometimes shares the same outfit as Count Dracula but to my knowledge there is no "Claw Hand" variations on this character. The headsculpt is very close to the Lon Chaney Sr portrayal of the Phantom.

A European Lincoln International Phantom Box if you have one of these for sale, please Contact me

There are US and UK card and figure variations, the above figure above is from a UK find, the differences are mainly in the character's outfit. The figure above seems to be a second run, primarily found in the UK, the shortened sleeves and the lack of detail on the shirt are the big tells

A US carded Phantom, considered harder to find, the big tell is the outfit. While the UK Phantom at the top of the page has ragged sleeves, the US carded one has a more distinct outfit with full sleeves on the jacket and ruffles on the shirt.

"US Version" of the Phantom with his elegant full sleeves and ruffles on his shirt. Much classier and definitely the one I had as a kid.

A variation of the Phantom wearing the Dracula outfit, not as sophisiticated but I'm still not complaining....

Tomlands Variations

The history is sketchy but sometime after Lincoln produced the Monsters, Tomland reused the headsculpts for a series of four action figures as well as some mini monster figures. The colour schemes had changed but the figures kept that same kooky style they always had. Below is the Tomland Mini Monsters Phantom.:

tomlands phantom

There is no 8" Tomlands Phantom to my knowledge.