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1977 Remco Toys Catalog

1977 Remco Toys Header

Remco's name was purchased in 1974 by Azrak Hamway, a successful manufacturer of rack toys. AHI used the Remco brand to sell a more upscale toy but one that still utilized the many licenses integral to their business.

1977 saw the introduction of Mickey Mouse to the fold and more Superhero related products which would eventually become the bread and butter of the company for the rest of the decade..

Thanks to Steve F. for these marvelous on the images for pages with descriptions:

1981 remco catalog
Mickey Mouse McDonaldland
1981 remco catalog
Utility Belts
1981 remco catalog
Batmobile Trik Trak

1981 remco catalog
1981 remco catalog
CSF BatCopter

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