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Remco Monsters at Home

Remco Monsters at Home

The Remco Monsters at Home series is a weird little footnote in Monster toy lore, basically the company took the heads and hands of their 9" Universal Monster dolls and made these charming little hand puppets complete with a plastic environment.

What's weird is, it all sort of makes sense, Dracula has a coffin, the Mummy a tomb, the Creature a sea chest and Frankenstein..... OK they don't all work but there is something likable about this line.

monsters at home Creature from the Black Lagoon MOC

Creature from the Black Lagoon carded in his sea chest

monsters at home Dracula MOC

Dracula Mint On Card

monsters at home mummy

Mummy Mint On Card, he looks pretty sleepy. I love the text on the card "come out and plaaaay!" Somebody saw "the Warriors"...

monsters at home frankenstein

The Front of Frankenstein's "Home"

monsters at home frankenstein

Frankenstein on card.

monsters at home frankenstein

See that look? That's the same face I make when you knock on my door on Saturday morning.

I'm missing the Creature if anybody has a picture they'd like to contribute, drop me a line.

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