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1979 Remco Energized Superheroes

1979 Remco Catalog

By the late 1970's Remco (which was owned by rack toy king AHI ) had managed to finally crack into the Superhero action figure market that had been held tightly by rival Mego for so many years. The way they got around the licensing restrictions was novel, the figures themselves had little to no articulation but electronic features. The Energized heroes debuted with Spiderman in 1978 but soon spilled over to additional DC and Marvel characters. Mego fought back with concepts such as "Fly Away Action" for their 12" superhero dolls but the energized heroes still took a huge bite out of their toy sales.

Remco Energized Spider-Man

Energized Spider-man was the first in the series debuting in 1978, the figure had an ambitious TV and print campaign that made it a success. The commercials made a non articulated figure seem exciting. Green Goblin is essentially the same figure but comes with a web cutter and Goblin Ray (a variation on Spidey's flash light).

Remco Energized Spider-man

Just like in the comics Spider-Man had a helicopter, Spider Computer and Ray Gun. Wait, no he didn't, this is just stuff thrown together by Remco to play on the electronic theme, I think batman would have been a more logical figure to start with.

Remco Energized Hulk

The Incredible Hulk would follow Spidey this year, most likely because of his TV success. The next year Remco would add a line of smaller powerized figures that would include new versions of Spider-man, Hulk and even Captain America.

Remco Energized Superman and Batman

No stranger to the DC license, Remco created energized versions of the world's finest team. Batman utilizes the same traits as Spider-man but Superman has glowing eyes and can "fly".

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