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Tomland Star Raiders

Tomland (a UK Company who was in the Marx family of companies) marketed these fun and strange 8 inch mego-like action figures under a variety of names but the best known is "Star Raiders" which were obviously meant to cash in on the renewed interest in Sci Fi thanks entirely to "Star Wars" coming on scene.

Star Wars actually had trouble finding a toy licensor and the void of licensed product left the door open to opportunity minded compaines like Tomland to crank out the cheap "don't sue us" material like the Star Raiders.

The Star Raiders cast of characters a mix of left over figures from the "Famous Monsters" line (a knock off line to ape the licensed AHI Monster figures) and "Creatures from Other Worlds" (another generic line meant to get some heat from Mego's popular "Star Trek" line), neworiginal figures and the incredibly familiar Star Wars inspired figures.

Please explore the galleries of each figure to see their many variations and different card offerings, many of the other brands such as "Famous Monsters of Legend", "Star Command" and "Creatures from Other Worlds" all of which we hope to showcase here in great detail.

This gallery is a work in progress and could use your help If you have figures, cards or items we don't and would like to share them Please drop us a line!forum.

This is an original shipping case for the "Creatures from Other Worlds" line, notice the fun typo.

If you worked for Tomland or Combex in the 1970s /b>We'd love to talk to you, please drop us a line!forum.

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It seems Tomland and Lincoln International had some sort of connection as they both releasedversions of these Monster Action Figures.

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