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plaidstallions retro toy fair coverage

Rather than concearn ourselves with what's going to be on the shelve's next Christmas, Plaidstallions is going to look back at what was under the trees in yesteryear with our Retro Toy Fair coverage. Vintage advertising and news releases from Toy Fair past will be cataloged here.

Plaidstallions toy love

Lots of fun toy love in 1974, the action figure market was heating up with lots of new players, Sesame Street was in full bloom and a lot of old favourites were around.

  • 1975 toy fair coverage

    1975 was a fantastic year with the birth of the Fisher Price Adventure People, not to mention the explosion of Star Trek and Superhero Merchandise.

  • Plaidstallions toy love

    1976 was an exciting year for toys and the last for the original action figure, G.I. Joe. The superhero merchandise explosion was just begining and many memorable toys made their debut.

  • 1974 toy fair coverage

    1977 was a classic year, the birth of toy heavies such as the Micronauts, Stretch Monster and everybody was either saying "Ayyyyyy!" or covered in Farrah hair.

  • 1975 toy fair coverage

    1974 toy fair coverage

    The post Star Wars era was now fully in swing with everybody trying to get a littl sci fi action. There was spandex and laser swords everywhere!