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gallery of rack toys
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1975 Toys R Us Flyer

While some people kept catalogs, most newspaper flyers were tossed in the trash the same day they were read. It's pretty fortunate to have this NJ area Toys R Us flier in decent shape, it's a nice little time capsule of toys available during that period. Back from the period when men were bionic and well, so were the women Here are some highlights:

Mego Star Trek

Click on the pic to see the cool Mego Star Trek cover

Six Million Dollar Man, Planet of the Apes, Mego Superheroes GI Joe, Lone Ranger

Click on the pic to see the GI Joe Six Million Dollar Man and Mego goodness

Jimmy Walker and the Sunshine Family

Click on the pic to see the Din-O-mite Doll Selection

Mego Wizard of Oz and Fisher Price Sesame Street

Click on the pic to visit Sesame Street and the Wizard

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