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Vintage Toy Store Pictures Part Eight

World of toys

Another wonderful installment of Vintage Toy Store pictures is upon us, next to the Superhero Mall Appearance Gallery this is most likely my favourite section of the site..

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As always if you have pictures of any vintage toy stores you'd like to share, please drop me a line and I'll send you a 70's prize pack for your time

World of toys

Toys by Rizzi was a chain in the late 70s, this location is in Downers Grove, Ill. The buyer for the store was the former Sears toy buyer and a man I've actually been in contact with.

a rack of vintage star wars action figures

The interior of Toys By Rizzi, looks like R5 D4 isn't too popular... .

World of toys

Another Toys by Rizzi interior shot, note the end cap of Simon games.

a rack of vintage star wars action figures

Gandee's in Lakeland Florida had a pretty nice selection of Star Wars and Micronauts in the late 1970s. I need to go lie down now .

Action man store display

In the UK, toymaker Palitoy held a competition for the best Action man window display, this store front, which is a Playlands of Stevenage, was one of the winners. This is from 1979, when North American kids hadn't seen a G.I. Joe in three years.

Action man store display

Another breathtaking Action Man store diaplay, this one is from an A. Waat & Sons in Northampton..

Zodiac Store in the UK

More from the UK, this time it's a shopping spree in a Zodiac store, the lucky winner seemed to like games.

Top Toys Store in the UK

A boys toy aisle in the UK from a store called "Top Toys" I spy some Denys Fisher boxed Maskatrons and more Action Man than you can shake a stick at.

Major Matt Mason

If you look closely at this shot of a Srawbridge and Clothier store toy department you can see a display of Major Matt Mason XRG 1 Reentry Gliders with Talking Matt Mason sets, this picture is from 1970 the same year the set was released. Matt Mason didn't fair that well in the early 1970s.

childrens circus

This is Children's Circus which was located in downtown New Orleans.

childrens circus

Like a lot of cooler independant toy stores, Children's Circus had a theme to it , the whole store looked like a circus tent.

woodward and lothrap

Ever heard of regional department store chain "Woodward and Lothrop"? They were a DC based chain and their toy department was of note in the early 1970s.

woodward and lothrop toy department

Here's a shot of one of their toy departments in the early 1970s, was orange the goverment mandated color for toy departments back then? I'm not complaining mind you...

Lego 1976 toy store display

this is Toy Castle, a Claremount, NH based store circa 1973. I love fantasy based stores like this. Inside was a wishing well that served as the focal point of contests and promotional drawings.

fiddlestix toy shop

This is the Fiddlestix toy shop in Great Neck, NY around 1972, it really makes you miss the independant toy retailer.

fiddlestix interior

A teepee inside Fiddlestix toy shop.

The Red Caboose

This is a unique toy shop in a suburb of Detroit called "The Red Caboose".

The Red Caboose4

The inside of the Red Caboose, the article mentions that they sold mostly Candy and Rack Toys.

Childrens Village

Children's Village was "A Mall for Children" in Highland Park, Illinois and while it sold clothes (bo-ring) it also sold toys!.

Childrens Village

An exterior shot of childrens village which looks like building blocks..

childrens village 1974

The Bike aisle in Children's Village circa 1971.

Vintage Toy Stores Gallery

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