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Vintage Toy Store Pictures Part Seven

raggedy anne visits a Hess department store in 1975

Another wonderful installment of Vintage Toy Store pictures is upon us, next to the Superhero Mall Appearance Gallery this is most likely my favourite section of the site..

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As always if you have pictures of any vintage toy stores you'd like to share, please drop me a line and I'll send you a 70's prize pack for your time

Youngtown Omaha, NE

This is a store called "Young Town" in Omaha Nebraska, the unidentified employee stands next to their window display which I can't help but notice has a Big Jim camper in it.

an entire display of mattel big jim

Speaking of Big JIm, you can see an entire endcap in this shot from the fifth avenue Kress store circa 1974. I just wish that employee wasn't blocking it.

Lego 1976 toy store display

This shot of a Lego display in 1976 also gives some nice views of Fisher Price toys, a Holly Hobby and a certain plush shark hanging from the ceiling, thenks to the movie "Jaws".

shogun warriors

This is the "Space Toys" section of a store in Kitchener Ontario Canada called Hi-Way Market. To the left you can a HUGE display of mint in box Mattel Shogun Warriors and there is a tie fighter and Six Million Dollar Man dolls hanging from the ceiling.

gameplayer store

The Hobby counter at Hi-Way Market which features Capsella and a Zee Toys "Metal Men" gift set.

guns in a 1975 toy department

Lots of Toy Guns for sale in this rather anonymous shot of a toy section in 1974.

hobby shop 1976

A hobby shop in 1976.


This is a Woolworth's store in NYC and the gentleman on the right is from Kohner Bros. maker of those games with the Pop-A-Matic bubble as this end cap clearly points out..

an endcap of Aurora glow in the dark monster kits

Talk about a monster mash, this end cap wouldn't last long today. I'd fill my trunk pretty fast, odd they don't seem to have any Creature from the Black Lagoon.....

Macys model kit aisle

The model kit aisle at Macy's in New York, note the large amount of AMT Star Trek exploration kits available..

lionel playword

The interior of the Lionel Playworld showcases some playsets for matchbox cars.

aurora monster kits

This is the toy and hobby aisle of a NYC drugstore in 1974, I can't tell you many cool toys I bought at a drug store. If you look to the right, you'll see something familiar.

heven more vintage aurora kits

Aurora Comic Scenes and Glow Monster Kits!.

woolworth store in 1974

This is a Woolworth in Palatine, Ill around 1974, this end cap is for Socker Boppers, which were a hot seller for this location.

slinky display

The front counter of a store called "Storkville" in St. Paul, note the counter displays for Slinky, Duncan Yo-Yos and Squirmles. You can still buy Squirmles to this day.

aisle of GI Joe

I know I've featured this GI Joe aisle in an earlier installment but I recently found a larger version of it and well, it's a great picture so I thought I'd show it again..

the doll aisle from Kresge

A small but neat picture of a Kresge's doll department in 1975.

toy counter with corgi batmobile

A toy counter in Green Port NY, note the Corgi Batmobile in the display case.

Dinky Shelf

Speaking of diecast, I'm smitten with this great shot of a Dinky store display, I'd love to get my hands on a couple of those Space:1999 Eagles....

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