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vintage toy store pictures volume 13

Vintage Toy Store Pictures Volume Thirteen

It's time once again to be whisked back to a simplier time, one that was dominated by "Mom and Pop" toy chains and the wonderful, almost chaotic way toys were distributed. Vintage Toy Store Shots twelve is different from previous entries in that it features images from a former Mattel employee, who seemed to in charge of taking shots of retail displays and while Mattel stuff is in the fore ground, there is a lot of neat stuff going on in these.

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As always if you have pictures of any vintage toy stores you'd like to share, please drop me a line and I'll send you a 70's prize pack for your time

fisher price adventure people

This wonderful shot of Fisher Price Adventure people was taken in May of 1977 at a "Vallefy Fair' store somewhere in New Jersey.

end cap of Mattel barbie from 1976

This shot of a Barbie display was taken in December of 1976, that's all i know..

Barbie in a toy store from 1976

A close up of the same display from 1976..

Cher dolls in 1976

A whole end cap of Mego Cher dolls from 1976.

a big display of Mattel Battlestar Galactica toys

Another awesome end cap of Mattel Battlestar Galactica items, this one is fuzzier than the last.

Hotweels Display

No idea of the year but this late 70s shot of a corgi case is from a "T.S.S" store in Oceanside, NY. Note the cool Corgi Tarzan gift set on top of the case..

Corgi Display in 1979

a close up of the above, a little fuzzier, we've come a long way when it comes to photography..

an endcap of preschool toys in the 1980s

Two Guys in Philadelphia had a nice display of Mattel preschool toys.

endcap of Sesame Street toys in the 1970s

SOme Bionic Woman fashions mingled in with generic fashion doll items.

Mattel Heroes in Action

I can only imagine what this store display of Mattel Slime would be worth today.

Vintage Toy Stores Gallery

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