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I got a flurry of interest from the last piece we did on Vintage toy store pics so it seemed to apt to add a few more. This time we focus on not only independants but chain stores as well..

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Macys at the height of the Star Wars craze

This is Macy's at the height of the Star Wars craze in 1978. What's even more interesting are the other toy lines that are shoved into the back. I can see boxed Biotrons from the Mego Micronauts line of toys by the woman shoppers legs. In the middle is a display of Ideal Toys "Knight of Darkness" dolls, which Lucas sued about and lost. In the top right corner is a display of Mego Kiss dolls, directly below them, the Mego Worlds Greatest Superheroes If this picture was in colour, it would hang on my mantle, if I had a mantle.... .

Macys at the height of the Star Wars craze

Macys even did a weird sci fi window display in 1978. The picture is hard to make out but that's ZEM21 from Star Team on the left, then Gor King of the Terrons (From the Hasbro Super Joe line) then the only other things i recognize are the X wing, a Shogun Warrior and of course Biotron from the Micronauts.

diecast toys section of FAO schwartz

Here is the diecast section of FAO schwartz in 1978..

Ben Franklin stores

Neat pic of Ben Franklins store in 1975, a lot of members of the Mego Museum have mentioned fond memories of their toy department in the past.

Vintage Fisher Price Store

This toy aisle is mocked up for an ad in 1975 but i couldn't resist the shot of an end cap full of adventure people, I had that safari set.

monkey wards

Part of a Montgomery Wards in 1978, Wards had a KILLER toy selection as evidenced by their catalogs. Tons of cool exclusives too like Dr Kromedome and the Mego Secret Identity outfits.

LS Ayres

I've never heard of LS Ayres but this department store obviously was proud of their toy department, this is a shot from the front of the store.

Circus world in the late 1970's

Circus World in 1978, wish I had pics of the inside....

Woolco Star Wars Display from the 1970's

This Woolco endcap display brings back a lot of happy memories, look at those original 12 backs just being flung around, Don't you know those should be graded and sealed in acrylic? What's wrong with these people? I'm more of a Mego guy so the sight of those Micronauts Biotron sets being faced the other way makes me wonder what's on the other side of this display, sigh!

Kuhns Big K

I've never heard opf Kuhn's Big K before but they were a rapidly expanding general merchandise store that sold a lot of toys. I love the guy standing in front of the store, looks like the almighty "Bob" from the Church of Subgenius.

Nichols department store toy section

Here is the doll section in a VA based Nichols department store, look at all the Mattel Donny Osmond dolls, if you look you can also make out the Hasbro Charlies Angels figures hanging on the pegs.

Jefferson Department store

Judging by the body language, we've captured a "Can I have something?" moment at this Jefferson department store. Oh, how I've been there, eye of the tiger kid, eye of the tiger. Note the unopened case of Frisbees to the left.

Vintage Toy Stores Gallery

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