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Revenge of the 70's Toy Store Pics

I really enjoyed the response to the last two features on vintage toy stores, so it's exciting to bring you more of these great shots of some of our favorite childhood haunts. Again, the core of this seems to be Star Wars, just my luck I guess, the one thing I don't collect.

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a child looking at Kenner Star wars Product in 1980

Here's a great pic from 1980 of a child scoping out the action figure aisle, such good memories. I'd pass on the Big Trak and go straight for the 12" Han Solo kid, be sure to take good care of his medal.

Kenner Star wars Product in 1980

Another great shot of the aisle from the same publication, I don't think I ever saw the 12" line is such a force as a kid but it sure does bring back some happy memories....

Hasbro GI Joe aisle in 1975

This awesome shot from May 1975 shows a boys aisle and the tremendous amount of G.I. Joe adventure team items available, just to left we can see an end cap of Mego Superhero items such as the Batcave and Supervator..

Kenner Star wars Product in 1980

I couldn't resist a close up of th G.I. Joe items in the previous shot, it's amazing the amount of boxed adventurers in that shot.

Lego display from 1976

This is a great ad for Lego that displays all of their 1976 offerings in a toy store like setting, I'm not very perceptive but I think the message here is that Lego sells.

the toy gun aisle

Toy guns just haven't bounced back since their heyday, it's cool to see the Lone Ranger's face on products.

doll aisle in toy city

Contemplating a doll purchase in a Kansas City Toy City circa 1980.

toy city

Meanwhile, across the aisle, a young man is thinking Tonka trucks in that same Toy City.

toy city

A wider shot of the same Kansas City Toy City.

Toy Department in the late 1970's

An unknown toy department in the late 70's, note the Tuneyville Choo Choos!

Casslers toys in Burlington VT

This is the storefront for Cassler's Toys in Burlington, VT. They certainly don't make storefronts like this anymore.

Casslers Toys

Here is the proprieter, Mr Cassler hard at work at his counter. The store opened in 1948, note the cool (now vintage) Space Lego above him.

Nichols department store toy section

A San Francisco Hobby Shop in 1978 cashes in on the Star Wars craze by creating a little window display of toys and models, note the Kenner Early Bird kit, the first issue of the comic and a Dinky toys Eagle from Space:1999.

Star Wars toys

This a shot from Canada's "Globe and Mail" Newspaper around 1979, the article was kind of slamming all the Space toys on the market, hence the frowning man pictured here in a Simpsons Department store. It kind of reminds me of scene from the Simpsons involving Grandpa.

toy department circa 1982

A 1982 Article about TG & Y stores features color pics of their toy department.

1982 tg and y toy department

An endcap of Hot Wheels shows that the brand really hasn't changed much in 25 years, meanwhile the Space Lego on the shelves above shows how much lego has..

Star Wars toys

The "State of the Art" electronic game section. There was always some bigger kid hogging the free trial Atari game in those kinds of places.

Toy Aisle 1979

Possibly my favorite of the bunch is this submission from my pal over at the Mego Museum Forums, Lou. Here he is standing in a Canadian toystore looking at what he remembers as being a display of Little Rascals figures. Note the very large displays of 2-Xl robots in the background. If anyone as vintage toystore shots like these and want to share as Lou has please email me.

Vintage Toy Stores Gallery

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