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Action Figures in the 1976 True Value Catalog

Six million dollar man mego superheroes and space 1999

The action figure pages represent just about every cool toy available for a boy in 1976, Six Million dollar man from Kenner, the kind of weird McDonland figures from Remco. Not only offering the eternally popular Mego World's Greatest Supheroes but their tiny Comic Action counterparts as well. JJ Armes, for those who don't remember was an action figure with prosthetic hands, who is a real life detective. Mattel's Space:1999 makes a debut as well, I'd like to get my hands on that stun gun toy.

Evel Knieval

Ideal's Evel Knievel was still flying high within a year, a public embarrasment would kill the toy line. Even snoopy was getting in on the Daredevil action back then. Words can't describe the weird Jolly Green Giant playset on this page, I don't think I could stand those eyes glaring at me.

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