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It's hard to find vintage newspaper toy circulars, most people threw them out five minutes after reading. That's a shame because they are such a neat and attractive way to see pop culture history.That's why this toy circular from the Zayre stores is one of my favourites, first I was five years old when it came out so I wanted almost all of these toys.

In this little time capsule, we see Star Trek mania sweeping the nation, Sesame Street dominating the pre school section, classic board games like Haunted Mansion and Mego licensing a 40 year old movie.

Page one Mego

Fisher Price Sesame Street

Page 2 Mego

Mego and Remco Star Trek Items

Remco Wolfman

Classic Games

Remco Wolfman

Mego Wizard of Oz merchandise

Pre School Stuff

Other Toy Flyers and Circulars from the 70s