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Zee Toys Metal Man

1979 Metal Men

The Metal Men were a cool series of 3 3/4" diecast action figures with no back story. Heavily influenced by the Japanese, many of the characters had THX 1138 look to them.

Zee sold these guys in various forms for many years and they are highly collectible today, the circle would grow bigger if people could remember what they were called....

Zee toys metal men

The line ranged from Sci Fi to Police Drama, the only thing children were given were names, they had to provide the play..:

Zee Toys Metal Men

As an added bonus we have the amazing (and enviable) collection of Bret, who has the greatest collection of these figures that I've ever seen.

Metal Men Sgt Silver

Sgt. Silver variations

Metal Men Radon

Radon over the years

Metal Men Questar and Roton

Questar and Roton

Metal Men Sears Set

Sears Gift Set

Metal Men Sears Set

Sears Gift Set

Many thanks to Bret for sharing this incredible collection, I'm totally drowning in my own drool.....