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Big Jim Figures from Mexico

Mexican Toy company Cipsa had the rights to produce Mattel's Big Jim line south of the border. They did a really imaginative Job of the line from the get go, christening it "Kid Acero" (meaning Kid Steel) the line had it's own series of cool comics. Things got uber funky when Cipsa decided to do the P.A.C.K or as they like to call it "El Squadron Lobo".

This is Kid Acero himself, leader of El Squadron Lobo. He's got the Torpedo Fist arm which makes him that much cooler. There are different versions of Kid Acero, one has a luancher of sorts on his back but finding these toys in good condition has always been a challenge. Mexico doesn't seem to be as passionate about it's junk hoarding as are here.

Hombre Bionicos is the Steve Austin of "El Squadron Lobo", no doubt created to compete with rival Lily Ledy's Bionic Man line.

Hombre Invisible may be my favourite of the team, he has a clear body and two heads (don't mind that he looks exactly like Hombre Bionicos) He comes in a warmup suit with white hockey gloves

Mexican Zork has a Skull face instead of green monster, he looks killer, just like he jumped out of an El Santo movie. In Europe they used this Zorak for a Pirates line as well, very logical

Garfio is a mix of Torpedo fist and the Whip but in this case he's a very tanned bad guy. The Hook hand was alaso used for that Pirate line, excet in that version it shot out like torpedo fist. Man, Mattel is the most resourceful toy recycler around

In Mexico, Dr Steel is a bad guy named "Dr Drago", he and Big Jim clashed a great deal, he makes for a great villain. This is not a Doctor Drago above though, it's a very rare catalog exclusive Doctor Steel. I owned this for a brief time but the seller regretted the sale and was kind of anxious to have it back, I've been there so I just gave it back to him.

Noctun was a figure in the Mattel Space:1999 series, there he was called "Zython". Here he's a bad guy working with Zorak, on what I'm not sure.....

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