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the Plaidstallions Podcast

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I'm very happy to unveil Pod-Stallions, our new monthly podcast series which will be dedicated to discussing such important matters as Planet of the Apes week or long reminisces about ToyShop magazine.

Joining me each show will be my pal and co chair Jason Lenzi, who people might know from his Toy Company "Bif Bang Pow!"

We hope each month to pick a topic and relate how it felt to us in the day, including cringe inducing tales. All that and schoolyard rumors, action figures and more trivia than we should probably know.
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Star Trek is the main course in this month's episode, that is right after Brian brings up My Little Pony for absolutely no good reason.

As always, we open with our first memories of Star Trek and our love of the merchandise, particularly the Mego dolls, segwaying into the first two films and our feelings on them.

All that and the greatness of 70s Shatner, the Mike Douglas show and Jason tells of the time he met James Bond and Cornelius!

Show Links:

It's December and we wouldn't even have this site if it weren't for the 70s Wish Book catalogs that magically landed on our door steps every fall.

Episode 11 is dedicated to our crazy 70s Christmas memories, the letters to Santa, the arms length wantlist and how Star Wars just turned the whole thing into "Space-Mas".

The discourse is mainly about traditions, toys and of course, collecting. It always boils down to that.

Show Links:

Well, the subject of this episode can't really be a surprise to anyone who has listened in the past. 

Episode 11 is dedicated to Flash Gordon, not just the (wonderful) file from 1980 but the character itself and our first introductions to him, either from serial or the amazing Filmation animated series.

We delve into the merchandise (and lack therefore of), the fact that we initially bonded over this film, the soundtrack, Get Carter and the singing career of Peter Wyngarde.

Show Links:

Our second October episode, Jason and Brain try to cram in as many monster toys as they can into an hour and a half. 

Aurora model kits, Marvel comics, action figures by Tomland, Remco and Lincoln International get discussed as does Cracked magazine, Power Records, the number of times we rented "LifeForce" on VHS (I've never seen the end)

As usual, the topic tends to veer off into a disscussion first experiences with theatre jumping (with first movie nudity) and Lee Marvin fishing, it may look like those pieces fit together but they do, they do.....

Show Links:

Listen here

In this super chunk installment, Jason and Brain extol their love for cheap, disposable pharmacy toys of bygone days.

Rack Toys" gets into what they are, Brain's personal history and why he wrote a book about them. We talk about the major players, the hot licenses and our own personal stories of Rack Toy Love. We also try to explain why they are so appealing to us, even as adults and we create a "wish list" of Rack Toys we wish would have happened.

We also get POWERFULLY off track at times and discuss everything from Willy Wonka Vs Wizard of Oz, Mego toys and of course, Schneider from "One Day at a time" who I'm surprised has only come up once thus far...

Episode Five : Where are you coming from Spider-Man?

Download the Show Here

Listen here

In this installment, Jason and Brain wax nostalgic over the days when we didn't get spoiled by three Superhero movies a Summer. The time when Captain America had a van, Spider-Man was a Von Trap child and Sinestro used to open for Sinatra.

"Where are you coming from Spider-Man" explores what a Superhero loving child had to choose from in the 70's, reruns of Batman, a decent series about the Incredible Hulk and a strangely disco Doctor Strange.

All that and a particularly powerful flub by Brain, enjoy!

  • Jason really wants this Superman The Movie figure by Madel Man of Spain. Somebody sell him one.
  • The Japanese Spider-Man doll that is based off the Toei series.
  • The book "Age of TV Heroes" about TV Superheroes that we mention and you really should buy.
  • You can get "Legends of the Superheroes" and the Reb Brown Captain America films on DVD.
  • This episode of Rocket Robin Hood was recycled into an episode of Spider-Man.
  • A list of some of the goofier Spider-Man Electric Company segments..
  • Mego's Wonder Woman line originally featured Linda Carters face on the box & not the other way around!
  • The 1978 REImagined Catalog features a selection of "What If' Mego TV superhero toys.
  • Episode Four : Spies Like Us

    Download the Show Here

    Listen here

    Dust off your spear gun and get comfy in your volcano lair, this one's all about Spies and spy like products.

    Jason and Brian talk about their love of the genre including James Bond, Man from U.N.C.L.E, Matt Helm, Derek Flint and there was just no way of avoiding discussion of "A Man Called Sloane".

    Topics of discussion include favorite Bond movies, girls and villains as well as the wonderful merchandise attributed to it.

  • Brian mentions the prototype Moonraker toys Mego proposed that never got made.
  • The Bond page from the 1979 Corgi catalog
  • A selection of Ernie Anderson ABC voice overs for Bond Movies.
  • Here is a comprehensive web page about the many Aston Martin variations made by Corgi.
  • Information about the "Incredible World of James Bond" TV Special Jason mentioned.
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E movies box set Brian mentioned
  • The Top 5 Best and Most Awkward James Bond Toys article on Topless Robot that Brian wrote and Jason consulted on.
  • The very cool James Bond Attache case that Jason mentioned.
  • Episode Three: Growing Up Star Wars

    Download the Show Here

    Listen here

    We decided to put the show up a little early for the seventh anniversary of the site. Jason and Brain talk about their memories of the first time they saw Star Wars anything. The toys, the comics, the magazines, the school yard rumors, the knock offs, it's all there.

    We even get waaaay off tangent and start talking about Benson's replacement on Soap and why exactly do Logan 5 and Jessica 6 have British accents?

    We titled this volume 1 because there was no way in hell we could encapsulate all of the juggernaut that was Star Wars into one show, it will eventually become a trilogy.

  • A display of original 12 back Kenner Star Wars figures that brings back warm memories.
  • Here is that original People Magazine issue about Star Wars.
  • The bootleg minatures that Jason mentioned were made by Neville Stocken.
  • The Space Sword and Shield Brian will generously pay for.
  • The poster that Jason kept from the Star Wars album.
  • Ever wonder what the Early Bird Kit Jason cut up goes for these days? (not for the faint of heart)
  • The book about Canadian Star Wars that Brian is thunmbing through is calls Irwin Toys: The Canadian Star Wars Connection.
  • Those Star Wars pendants we mentioned.
  • A Cheerios box from Canada that had a Star Wars offer that Brian mentioned.
  • Visit the Pod Stallions page on itunes

    Like Pod Stallions on Facebook

    Episode Two: Toy Shop Days

    Hello Tally Ho! Brian and Jason wax nostalgic about the pre internet days of toy collecting including mail order catalogs, comic buyers guide and of course, Toyshop, outrageous phone bills, trading, rigged phone auctions, ungodly waits and the thrill of the hunt.

    Download the Show Here

    Listen here
  • The first thing Brian ever traded for was this action figure.
  • The Kenner Indiana Jones line got Jason into collecting again
  • Someselect scans of the "It's a small world" catalogue that caused ripples among the collector community.
  • The Dick Tracy watch that Jason was trading and selling.
  • What's a blue faced data worth these days?
  • One of Brian's toy catalogues from 1987.
  • Brian is all excited over these retro style Hammer horror action figures.
  • Episode One: Growing Up...Who

    Jason and I are both crazy, obsessive Doctor Who nerds from childhood, but I watched it in Canada while he was in Minnesota, how did the experience differ? What was the catalyst for us to stop watching?  Were we public about our obsession? Did visiting the dirty magazine store make a man out of Jason? All answers revealed in this double sized pilot episode.

    Download or listen to episode one here

    Show Guide:

    This is the commercial for the Palitoy talking Dalek, the same one Brian got out of the back of Starlog in 1984.

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