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What is a Plaid Stallion?

plaid stallions

The name "Plaid Stallions" came about when I was in high school, I have always been crazy about department store catalogs and when a close friend of mine told me his mother had a stash of 70s Eatons ( a now defunct Canadian Department store chain), I went to her house and begged her for them.

While my friend and were pouring through them, I ripped out a page of guys in plaid leisure suits (which I believe is the one above) and said "Check out the Plaid Stallions!", my friend didn't laugh but I just loved the term.

Years later I was still using the word and collecting catalogs and finally in April of 2006, I created a daily blog using the name. Although I mock the fashion styles of the decade, it's done out of love, I'm not exactly a fashion plate today.

Eventually, I liked doing the blog so much that bought the domain name and expanded it into this site

plaid stallions

What is the point of this site?

It's supposed to serve certain functions, first and foremost, it's a love letter to growing up in the seventies. The humour is meant to be gentle, if anyone is offended that I dare mock fashion, just relax, I'm aware of the irony. I'm obsessed with toys and kid culture at the time. I also miss avacado green fridges, Saturday morning cartoons and a whole bunch of other things associated with growing up.

How do I order a Stretch Armstrong from you?

I know a site consisting of Catalogs is confusing but I HAVE NOTHING FOR SALE HERE BUT MY DVD if you're looking for a vintage toy go to our forum or Ebay.

I have a cool old photo from 70s retail (like a toy store or a spider-man mall appearance) I'd like to submit, how do i do it?

Email Me I'd be interested in vintage catalog scans, especially toy store fliers.Any pics from toy store appearances (like when the Planet of the Apes or Spider-man appeared). If you were an employee of Mego toys or a former catalog model, contact me, I'd love to do an interview

plaid stallions

Does this site have a forum?

Yes, we have a Vintage Toy Discussion Section, over at the Megomuseum Forums and that's the official PS Message Board as well. Most of the folks over there are 70s obsessed anyway. Look for upcoming adventures of Mr Mantooth in the very near future..

Brick Mantooth

Who is the guy in the header?

That's Brick Mantooth, I named him after actor Randy Mantooth and a comment made in the old "Doc Savage" movie, he serves as our official mascot. The character of Brick is meant to be the perfect embodiment of the 1970s, he is the stuff of myth and legend. There is no real guy named Brick Mantooth, I just wish there was. Brick was drawn by my friend and talented artist Scott C Adams.

Who is behind all of this?

yours truly and Maximillan 2 (RIP) in 1978 My name is Brian (usually misspelled Brain) Heiler and I've been fascinated with toys and the toy industry since I could walk, as my folks were Rack Toy distributors in the 1970s. My articles and photographs on toys have appeared in publications such as Famous Monsters, Toy Shop Magazine, Topless Robot, Lee's toy Review and SFX Magazine. My first book "Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings" celebrated fun toys that broke easily and sold out completely (look for a digital version this year). I am always available for freelance work, am well versed on a variety of subjects and work cheap.

Each month, I co-host a podcast called "Pod Stallions" with my friend Jason Lenzi, we pick a 70s related topic and let the nerdery unfurl. It's also available on itunes.

I am also "Editor 'N Chief" over at the Mego Museum, the premier information site for vintage and current Mego news, most people know it for my partner Robyn Adam's amazing graphics and tend to happily ignore my creative grammar.

My passions include the 70s, vintage toy industry trade magazines, seedy taverns, schlocky old televison, cartoons, vintage commercial reels and gas station hotdogs. I am married to the perfect woman who shares my love of antique malls/flea markets and I have two great kids, who do not enjoy those things at all. I also buy old toys, especially Lincoln International Monsters and Mego Super Softies

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