cover to the Big Jim Pack comic from Mattel

In 1976, Mattel toys decided to add a comic book with the BIG JIM Wolf Pack Commander figure to explain the mission of the PACK and promote upcoming toys. Most of the boxes had comics on the back that were functional but this comic is drawn by I believe John Buscema and it is the bomb!.

Here is installment one with colour commentary.

"Hang on to your Wolf Tattoos" Does dialogue get any better? The story begins with the origin of the P.A.C.K, the comic glosses over Big Jim's origin, which is pretty wise. According to his earlier packaging, he was an Olympic skier (nice tie-in Mattel!) who saved a wolf cub while fighting an avalanche, when he came out of that mess he decided to fight crime. Not exactly Batman is it?

Dr Steel, Whip and Warpath were already established characters when this comic got made, so they're very on model in this piece. "Torpedo" was eventually called "Torpedo Fist" when he hit toy shelves and he looked a little different.

If I were in the P.A.C.K I don't think I could watch Torpedo use his arm power, it's kind of gross! Here we learn what P.A.C.K stands for, Professional Agents/Crime Killers, you're not going to win the acronym award fellas. We also meet Jim's boss, Prof. Rolf who never got his own action figure.....

Stay Tuned for the Next Installment! The Origin of ZORAK!

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