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Children's Palace is a well known Toy chain to anyone who grew up on the East Coast, these castle themed stores were eventually bought up by Child World in 1977 and ran until 1992 when they finally closed their doors, leaving many a 70s kid missing them.

typical children's palace store, click here to see more vintage toy stores

This 1974 Toy circular shows a retailer in it's prime, many fully colour pages showing all the hot toys of the day. Familiar brands like Barbie, G.I. Joe and Big Jim along with TV greats Batman, Spiderman, Sesame Street, the Planet of the Apes and Rodney Allen Rippey?

Click Below to see the 1974 Children's Palace Circular:

childrens palace planet of the apes big jim

sesame street toys

Planet of the Apes Treehouse, Big Jim Rescue Rig, Barbie Pool Pre School Including Child Guidance Sesame Street and Snoopy Toothbrush

barbie mego supervator

planet of the apes puzzles

Barbie Beach Bus, Ideal Toss Across, Mego Supervator, Play-do Pumper Nnumber 9

Planet of the Apes Puzzles, Spirograph, Lite-Brite

gabriel lone ranger

rodney allen rippey

Mego Batcave, Gabriel Lone Ranger, Matchbox Fighting Furies, Big Jim Kung Fu Studio

Rodney Allen Rippey Doll, Romper Room Sherlock, Mattel See and Say,


Mego Dinah mite

Barbie Country Camper and Townhouse, Lovable Levi Rag Dolls,

Barbie Friendship, Dinah Mite Bicycle, Easy Bake Oven, Sunshine Family Home

Other Toy Flyers and Circulars from the 70s

..1975 zayre toy flier