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70s Exercise Equipment

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The battle of the buldge is something that North Americans will likely always be fighting in some way, shape or form. Companies are still knocking out weird ways to lose weight without doing the most important things, eating healthy and going outside.

ass jiggler

The Butt Jiggler My Grandmother owns one of these fine machines and while it is a lot of fun to have your buttocks massaged while you stand there I'm not sure if you're gonna get buff any time soon. She swears that it once took inches off her waist but I'm still skeptical. My favourite thing as a kid was to sit in the belt as if it where a swing and turn it on .

twist and tone

The Twist and Tone Basically you rotate around on a lazy susan for a half hour each day and you'll be thin. You know, emulating a dance craze started by a man named "Chubby" isn't exactly marketing genius.

The Sauna Suit

The Sauna Suit Dressing like a baked potato will cause you to sweat more and dehydrate yourself thin. My ninth grade gym instructor told me these are really good if you're trying to get into a lower weight class but other than that, it's pretty much temporary. It does kind of have a first season of Lost in Space vibe to it, you can still buy these today.


Bike I forgot what I was going to say here, I need to go buy a bike.

Man Mates

Slimmer Belt:Forget Sit ups, just rub a special cream into this stylish belt and watch the pounds float away. I wonder if this would still sell? It's not like people are getting smarter..

Air Shorts

Air Shorts "Honey have you seen my inflatable pants" is a phrase that your children will be describing to a therapist for a life time. Seriously, I'd rather be obese.

wonder lounge

The Wonder Lounge: It's like a cheap deck chair but it's gym! I've seen far too many Three Stooges shorts to not know that the minute you get on this thing it's going to fold you like laundry. .


Good Vibrations: After all that twisting and turning and wonder lounging, nothing soothes better than a good vibrator. This one apparently soothes the throat ladies and gents , so work on that gag reflex.

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