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Fighting Furies Western Gallery

1974 Matchbox Fighting Furies

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While the Fighting Furies wasn't a giant success in North America, it did enjoy popularity in the Europe, particularly the UK, that's why the second line of Western Fighting Furies were launched there. US Matchbox catalogs showed these three figures but featured the words "Not Available in the USA". For more on this line, check out All photos in this gallery are courtesy of Bill Frost.:

Crazy Horse was the only figure in the line that was based on a historical character.

The action was now played up to suit the Western characters.

Black McCoy, our Cowboy character, kind of looks like a bad guy.

Note he has Quick Draw action.

Kid Cortez looks like a Mexican outlaw, love the five o'clock shadow.

These figures are very hard to find, horses apparently exist but I've yet to see them.

The Cattle Rustler Set..

The back of the card advertises a horse and a War Dance set.

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