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Fighting Furies Outfits Gallery

1974 Matchbox Fighting Furies

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Matchbox created some wining outfit sets for the Fighting Furies, you'll likely find bibs and bobs from these sets in Mego parts lots on Ebay. The quality was spectacular and rvials that of the Gabriel Lone Ranger sets. All photos are courtesy of Bill Frost.

Yar, the treasue of Cap'n Kidd!

Buccaneer Captain disguise, ingenious!

Adding Disguises was a neat idea to expand the line past the two central characters.

The Red Coat Adventure.

You might be wondering why there is a Mego Pirate in this box, that's because after Fighting Furies went on clearance, the one thing there was overstock on were the outfits. The dolls were in short supply, so some toy wholesaler somewhere had the bright idea to knock off the Mego Captain Patch figure and insert him in with the outfits, he's a little short but hey, this was likely cheaply price. The same thing happened with Mego Action Jackson outfits..

More disguises, this must have been a blast to play with.

The Kung Fu Adventure comes with some killer Japanese armor, which doesn't make a pile of sense but hey, it's toy stuff..

The Hooded Falcon, man these guys were world travellers!

Back of the outfit packaging was dynamic, no surprise there, a lot of care went into this line.

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