Barbie and Ken

Barbie  from mattel

Mattel's signature toy line is of course, a household name that is approaching her centennial. Below are some highlights of the 1980 offering of Barbie and Ken.

Beauty Secrets Barbie was the big release that year, I'm no expert but I believe it's a Barbie with a new comb!/p>

Ken got a whole lot funkier this year with the "sport and shave" look, nothing like mustard yellow shorts.

While we're at it, let's take a long look at the beau of Barbie's sister Skipper.I guess in the late seventies it was all the rage for high school guys to get the same haircut as Robert Reed on later seasons of the Brady Bunch.

Just some of the many pages of Barbie stuff available in 1980, the girl had the best playsets and vehicles. It's nice to see Big Jim's Lazervette still getting some work four years later.....

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