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1978 Mattel Electronic Games Catalog

Electronic games have come an incredible way since 1978 but it's hard not to fondly remember the simple pleasure of these awesome hand helds by Mattel. Without the sophistication available today, these games were not only fun to play but affordable.


1978 was a year of modest but popular offerings including a game I would consider the best hand held game of all time:

1978 mattel electronic games catalog

Mattel prospered heavily with the Sports handhelds, I remember recieving football in '79. Despite being born with out a sports gene, I found myself playing it a great deal. I'm not sure if I was winning or not though..

1978 mattel Shogun Warriors catalog

In my humble opinion, there was no cooler game than Battlestar Galactica Space Alert, I spent a thousand hours on that thing and it's still working and in my desk drawer as we speak. I love it to pieces.

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