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1976 Big Jim P.A.C.K

After years of being a sporting icon, Mattel decided in 1975 to change Big Jim into a Secret Agent crime fighter with a Doc Savage like team of companions. The formula worked well enough to further the concept for an additional year, 1976 saw the theme shift to "Double Trouble" where each item had a surprise action. Sadly, it was also the last year for Big Jim, but he went out in a fiery coloured inferno my friends, click below for better looks at the cool products.

Scans are courtesy of Rob Chatlin

Double Trouble Big Jim and Zorak were the new figures with the awesome gimmick. New Vehicles for the PACK included The Lazervette

Torpedo Fist joined the side of good along with a bunch of new outfits. The Blitz Rig was originally planned as a play set but ended up a gift set.

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