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1981 Remco Toys Catalog

1981 Remco Toys Header

A smattering of toys from the 1981 Remco offering

In 1981, Remco, a division of Azrak Hamway International for almost the past decade, went through some changes in their product line.

Demand for many of the items that had been staples for the company such as Utility belts and powerized Superheroes was no longer there. All the Hulk merchandise and the Star Trek CSF plane were now gone.

Instead, Remco began to expand with things like Crayon cosmetics for girls and by growing their Universal Monster license with a new series of mini monsters. As an added bonus click on the Monster pages to see a full gallery of MOC figures and boxed on the images for pages with descriptions:

1981 remco catalog
1981 remco catalog
1981 remco catalog
Giggly Jigglies
1981 remco catalog
Car Crusher

1981 remco catalog
Crayon Makeup
1981 remco catalog
Crayon Makeup
remco monster figures
Mini Monsters
universal monster toys
Universal Monsters

v1981 remco catalog
1981 remco catalog
Reggie Jackson
games from 1977
Universal Monster/ KISS Makeup
games from 1977
Back Cover

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