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The Remco Mini Monsters were the perfect marriage of the classic characters with the Star Wars format. I freaking love this and consider them the coolest toy Remco ever made. Click below to look at the different types of packaging from the series.(Many Thanks to Charlie Balicki for help with this gallery)

The First Series are sometimes referred to as "non glow" as the subsequent series were all glow in the dark, the card art is some of the best done for the Universal Monsters. It's striking and gloomy but somehow retains that late night movie monster feel. Note that by this time Bela Lugosi's image was used on the packaging (although it had been altered to include fangs, which look somewhat out of place)

First Issue Cards

remco phantom MOCremco wolfmanremco creature from the black lagoonremco Mummy
Phantom Wolfman Creature Mummy

The second run of characters now had a Glow in the Dark aspect added to each character resulting in figure variations and at first, an incidental change to packaging.

Glow in the Dark Cards

remco dracula MOC remco Mummy remco Creature from the Black Lagoon
Creature Mummy

The third series saw a dramatic change in the card art as a glowing bubble was added to simulate the glow in the dark feature. Without a doubt these are my personal favourites in the line.

Glow Bubble Cards

remco Glow Frankenstein MOC remco Glow Dracula MOC remco Glow Mummy MOC
Frankenstein Dracula Mummy

remco Glow Wolfman MOCremco Glow Phantom MOCremco Glow Creature from the black lagoon MOC
Wolfman Phantom Creature

Play Sets

remco mini monsters playcaseCremco mini monsterizerremco mini monsterizer
Playcase sealed Loose Monsterizer Boxed Monsterizer