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1979 Remco Catalog

1979 Remco Catalog

By the late 1970's Remco (which was owned by rack toy king AHI) was making a big splash with thei superhero merchandising, from inarticulate figures to their line of CSF copters (very similiar to Mattel's Verti-Bird) Remco had Superheroes covered in '79.

Remco Energized Superheroes section

The Energized Superheroes were Remco's way of getting an action figure line out, although you would have a hard time posing them.

Remco CSF Helicopters

Remco produced Helicopter Playsets for not only Superhero properties but Star Trek as well.

Remco Utility Belt section

Incredible Hulk Muscles, Batman Utlity Belts, Remco created some great and some confusing Role Play Items for Children


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