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Action Figures in the 1974 True Value Catalog

GI Joe, Johnny West

Marx's Johnny West line had begun in the mid 60's and was still selling well enough to warrant catalog space. These durable toys would eventually see sales slip as Western TV shows became less popular.

Evel Knieval

Ideal's Evel Knievel was a bit hit in 1974 with plenty of line extensions including outfits that turned him into a GI Joe like Explorer. Speaking of GI Joe or should say "Talking GI Joe" as 1974 was still a classic year for the adventure team. In case you can't see the outfits featured are Hurricane Spotter, Volcano Jumper (?) and my personal favourite of all time, Aeriel Recon. Mattel's Big Jim, the rugged sportsman adventurer was nipping on Joe's heals with his own succes, it was reported that when Hasbro did some testing, most kids that Big Jim was bigger than GI Joe even though he was two inches shorter, talk about the power of advertising!

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