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Marvel Superheroes: Live and In Person Brochure

Ever since I saw Spider-Man, Captain America and the (inflatable) Hulk at Woolco as a child, I have been fascinated by Superhero mall appearances. That s why I was so pleased to find this rare brochure describing the services offered by the live services division of Marvel. It's interesting to note that Jonathan Frakes (from Star Trek TNG) got his start in the late seventies portraying Captain America for Marvel.

Marvel Superheroes Live and In Person

Actual scans of the piece are available below including some 8" by 10" images of some of the costumes. I've taken some larger images of the costumes along with some fun quotes:

"Count on Action, Excitement and Entertainment when Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and other Marvel comics SUPERHEROES appear in person at your next promotional event:"

Shopping and Retail Promotions

Boat and Car Shows


Private Parties

Amusement Parks

"During a 6 hour appearance Day, the SUPER HERO signs autographs and mingle with the inevitable throngs of youthful admirers. (The Incredible Hulk and The Thing appear a total of 4 hours within an eight hour schedule. Because of the size and weight of these costumes the actors require a 30 minute rest after every 30 minute appearance)"

The brochure mentions posters and a 16 mm Spiderman film used for these events, if anyone has these please email me

Rom Spaceknight was still being used by Marvel Promotions in the early eighties

"ROM is a relatively new arrival to Marvel's personal appearance group. He is the first Marvel "space character" a kindly spaceknight who stars in his top selling monthly comic book. Rom's sophisticated devices, flashing lights and sound effects make him a lively act."

spiderman and his amazing friends make an appearance

"ICEMAN AND FIRESTAR join Spidey as co-stars of the skyrocketing "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends" Saturday Morning TV show. Since their debut in September, 1981, they have become enormously popular almost overnight."

Click Here for a larger Hulk image

"THE INCREDIBLE HULK is a massive super-star of comic magazine and TV fame. Sharing an hour with Spider-Man on saturday morning TV. The Hulk rampages his way into the hearts of millions of kids. In person, he is impressive and sometimes downright cuddly."

Click Here for a larger Destro image

Images of this cool Doctor Doom suit are included, he must have been a late edition to the offering.

Click Here for a larger Crystar image

No mention is made of Crystar in the folder but this eight by ten of the two principle characters slugging it out in what could only be the Remco showroom at toyfair is included. Crystar probably did some toy store appearances before vanshing into obscurity along with the Sectaurs.

Click Here for a larger Destro image

This image of Trip Wire and Destro from G.I. Joe RAH is also included, I always pictured Destro as being smooth chested. These suits no doubt saw a great deal of use in the eighties.

Click Here for a larger imageClick Here for a larger Hulk image

Click Here for a larger imageClick Here for a larger Hulk image

Do you have pictures of a Superheroes appearance from the 70's or early 80's, please drop us a line here and we'll send you a Plaidstallions prize pack.

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