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Fleetwood Toys Gallery

fleetwood toys

Fleetwood Toys rose to prominence in the 1970s and became an established player in the licensed Rack Toy market place competing against industry heavy weights such as AHI and Larami. The company would have their strongest period during the 1980s, when they became known for the hottest licenses from TV and Film. Fleetwood Toys also had a tidy amount of product, while other company catalogs were rather vast; the Fleetwood line was always slightly more compact and efficient from year to year.

Fleewood Catalogs on the PlaidStallions Site

1980 Fleetwood Catalog 1982 Fleetwood Catalog 1984 Fleetwood Catalog


Marvel Superheroes Stampset courtesy of Charlie Balicki.

Sgt Fury Toys

Sgt. Fury Beachhead attack has one of the coolest cards I've ever seen for a rack toy, I love it when less popular characters get deserved merchandise

Sgt Fury Toys

Aw Yeah, more Sgt. Fury! I love this Armoured Attack in all of it's Jack Kirby swiped glory!.

Space Sentenils Astria Magnetic Figure

This Space Sentinels Magnetic Figure is one of the few toys to come out of that filmation series. You can read the DVD review here.

Marvel Superheroes Ghost Rider Figure

I remember reading about this Ghost Rider set in a heroes world comic back in the day, I was disappointed when I finally saw it. I always assumed it was a mego figure as a kid..

Fleetwood Buck Rogers

Fleetwood went to town on the Buck Rogers license in 1980 and rightfully so, kids loved it.

Fleetwood Love Boat  Toys

OK.I just don't get this one.

Fleetwood Manimal Toys

The relatively low risk associated with creating toys on television even allow Fleetwood to create the only toys known for Manimal in 1984, you read that correctly, Manimal.

emergency toys

Fleetwood really milked the Emergency License good, as they should have the show was a big hit

emergency toys

emergency toys

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