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Imperial Puffy Sticker Catalog from 1980

imperial puffy stickers

If you were a kid in the late seventies/early eighties, chances are you remember the puffy sticker craze. These colourful things were awfully addictive and one of the bigger players was Imperial Toys who created some memorable lines, even when they didn't have the license!

Imperial Toys star wars puffy stickers

These "Star Stickers" were walking pretty close to copyright infringement, especially that Falcon and Cantina guy. I remember these well, my best friend at the time had a set and was the envy of the class.

Imperial Toys Buck Rogers puffy stickers

Here are two of my favourite shows at the time, Buck Rogers and the Super Seven. I need to get my hands on those, I mean how much Web Woman or Manta and Moray Merchandise was there?.

Imperial Toys 1941 puffy stickers

I find the idea of stickers based on Steven Spielberg's bomb "1941" completely absurd. I mean did kids really want a puffy sticker of John Belushi, as an adult I want one but really....

Imperial Toys tarzan puffy stickers

Generic Superheroes, Dinosaurs and Tarzan, these were pretty much all the thoughts I would have in a day as a kid. I had these Superhero ones, we just pretended they were characters like Hawkman and the Flash.

Imperial Toys puffy stickers

Lenticular or flicker stickers..

Imperial Toys 1941 puffy stickers

Wire racks full of puffy stickers, I'd love to find one of these today..

Imperial Toys 1941 puffy stickers

Woody Woodpecker used to be an afternoon and Saturday morning staple, strangely enough I ended up making some Woody Woodpecker stickers a few years ago, kids aren't as hip to the character these days, trust me on that one......

Imperial Toys 1941 puffy stickers

Googly eyes make everything more fun, unless one falls off, then it's creepy and dark.

Imperial Toys 1941 puffy stickers

Seasonal stickers are a staple of any good company.

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