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PlaidStallions Trading Card Checklist

plaid stallions trading cards of 70s toys

It shouldn't come as a surprise after the success Scott and I had with the Mego Trading Cards that I wouldn't try and do some for the many toys featured at PS over the years. When the opportunity presented itself (ie cheap printing) I decided to create a couple to gauge reaction.

For the PS cards I decided to stray away from the Mego cards design, I wanted them to look like vintage cards. So much so that I handed my designer pal Steve Stolk a pile of old Star Wars and Empire cards for inspiration. We also went out of our way to make them off cut and simulate some wear on each and every one.I'm very happy with the end result.

Brick Mantooth Trading Card

CARD #0- It only seems fitting that we shoehorn the upcoming Brick Mantooth Doll into the series, each figure will come with one of these.

Stretch Monster Trading Card

CARD #1- The first card in the series is Stretch Armstong's famous (and bloody expensive) foe Stretch Monster. It made sense to make him the premier card, probably the biggest reason is I'm not sure how many cards I'm going to make and he's one of the more iconic toys of the 70's.

Maskatron Trading Card

CARD #2- Another iconic toy from the 70's, the enemy of the Six Million Dollar Man, Maskatron can't get enough love as far as I am concerned. I've always loved this original image of Steve knocking his block off. For the next run, I should probably do some good guy action figures not produced by Kenner.

Pulsar Trading Card

CARD #3- Pulsar just seemed so logical and the catalog art was so tight that I couldn't resist. We decided to make this card off cut, just like in the good old days. So yes, it looks like the printer screwed but it was on purpose. We did almost too good a job with it, although I am happy.

Big Jim Trading Card

CARD #4- Big Jim should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me as I collected it for a long time. I chose this weird action scene of Jim scrapping Zorak because I'm fond of it. This is the last card to use the "Star Wars" style template, I've had to change it for some outside reasons but the next batch will bear a really nice new design.

Azrak Hamway monsters Trading Card

CARD #5- AHI Monsters Thanks to shows like "Hilarious house of Frightenstein" and "Monster Squad", I have always been a monster kid, so it made sense to make a trading card based on these dimestore horrors. The new template is design is by my good pal Steve Leach and it really allows me more freedom to make cards.

Evel Knievel Trading Card

CARD #6- Evel Knievel Like I mentioned on the blog, this was a given, almost an obligation card seeing as how much coverage I've given the toy line. It deserves a card though, easily a top ten best toy ever material..

Hugo Trading Card

CARD #7- Hugo You can blame my pal Rob Chatlin for this one. Rob was instrumental in setting up this site and suggested a Hugo card a while back, I couldn't refuse. I should have dedicated this card to him but I only had a half an hour to design the thing.

Super Joe Trading Card

CARD #8- Super Joe I have a real affection for this reimagination of GI Joe despite it only lasting a year or two at retail. I loved this image of him fighting the Terron (probably the thing most people remember from the line) so I went with it. I promise the next card will be something for the girls.....

Fem Bot Trading Card

CARD #9- Fem Bot I promised a fmeale centric card but I made it a robot so it was still way cooler than Barbie.

Green Machine Trading Card

CARD #10- Green Machine: This seemed logical and not an action figure so I made it Card #10, I didn't know a kid who didn't want one of these.

Godzilla Trading Card

CARD #11- Godzilla You can't get more iconic than Mattel Godzilla, if you squoze it, you would have 70s juice my friend....

Atomic Man Trading Card

CARD #12- Atomic Man I loved my Mike Power doll as a kid and honestly, we did 10 cards about 70s toys without mentioning the adventure team? unforgivable....

Lone Ranger Trading Card

CARD #13- Gabriel Lone Ranger I don't know a better put together toy line than this one, it's just beautiful. This isn't bias either, I don't own a single piece from this series.

Green Machine Trading Card

CARD #14- Child Guidance Sesame Street Finger Puppets This card is a shout out to my pal Scott, webmaster of Sesame Street Finger Puppets and my evil partner at the Mego Museum It was an easy sell, I freaking love Sesame Street!.

Lincoln Monsters Trading Card

CARD #15- Lincoln Monsters Vs Mego Superheroes I don't know of a better catalog image than this, two of my favourite things and a nice crossover with the Megomuseum Trading cards I lovey, love, love this card.

Mazinga Trading Card

CARD #16- Mazinga: When I asked folks for their opinions on the cards awhile back, it was amazing how many felt there needed to some Shogun Warriors cards. Who am I to say no? The Shogun Warriors rule.

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #17- Bullet Man- I chose this image because it sneaks in another happy childhood toy behind Bullet Man, the Capture Copter, that makes me happy.

Fisher Price Adventure People Trading Card

CARD #18- Fisher Price Adventure People- I'm not sure why it took me so long to get around to the Fisher Price Adventure People but they're card #18. As anyone who reads this blog might already know, I have a mild obsession with this toyline, they are one of the most memorable (and durable!) action figures of the 1970s. .

Dr Steel Trading Card

CARD #19- Dr. Steel- Card #19 is Big Jim's "greatest challenge" Dr. Steel. I still remember seeing the commercial for the first time as a kid, I was in my parents room watching Gene Roddenberry's "Planet Earth" on the black and white one Saturday afternoon when it aired. Big Jim had an enemy? He has a silver hand and dragon tatoo? I need this! .

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #20- Bionic Man- It pretty much had to happen, Card #20 is the Six Million Dollar Man and for good reason. My own mother will tell me how she was almost trampled to death at a Zellers store trying to get me this guy for Christmas 1975, (she succeeded) One of the problems of working on this blog is that it gives me the inclination to reunite with some old toys I never had the desire to before and I bought my first bionic man doll this week. It was bigger than me...

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #21- Cylon Centurian- I never had these 12" electronic figures but they make for a more interesting card then the 3" figures, so there you go. I screwed up the back with a misprint, however, I can live with it so there will not be a reprint.

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #22- Torpedo Fist- Torpedo Fist, one of my favourite action figures as a kid mostly because, he could punch other action figures! I didn't plan on doing two Big Jim characters so close together but when Livio from put this image on the fourm, it was just too tempting not to.

Rom Trading Card

CARD #23- Rom: Space Knight by Parker Brothers Rom is such an iconic piece of 70s lore and I find it funny how many people tell me they never knew he was a toy! That's because while Parker Brothers did an admirable job of marketing the toy, Marvel did an even better job with Rom as a comic. That book lasted until I was in high school! I was one of those kids who never saw ROM in toy stores, as this card shows, he was pretty pricey for 1979, that may have been why.

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #24- Doctor Who- Card #24 is the Denys Fisher Doctor Who line, it may seem weird to do a Mego line here considering the Megomuseum cards but I'm not sure when we're ever going to get around to this line and me being a monster fan, just had to do it. I consider it a foreign mego subset.

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #25- Nerfman - Trading Card #25 is Nerfman by Parker Brothers, he's kind of forgotten now but this guy ruled, so I really wanted to honour him a bit. As an added nostalgic bonus, Nerfman is from the first toy dealer catalog I ever found because it came from my dad.

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #26- Palitoy Space:1999, I did this card for the 2009 Megomeet convention back in June because timing didn't allow a Megomuseum card for the event (as the card quality shows, it takes me a lot less time to do these). This UK exclusive toyline kind of changed my life, in that it made me a bat sh*t crazy toy collector. I was just some regular old science fiction fan until one day in 1985, I found a Captain Zantor doll and thought "I wonder what other toys Mego made?" I don't have a Palitoy Space:1999 page on the site, that's

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #27- Card #27 is Milton Bradley's Star Bird Avenger, this card wasn't decided by me or the factor of what I had as a kid, to be honest I was never aware of this toy back in '79. I held a contest at the Mego Museum Trading Card Forum (where you can trade PS cards) and this was the winner. From everyone I've talked to about this, Starbird was an awesome toy full of the electronic "bells and whistles" that the Kenner Star Wars vehicles weren't.

Bullet Man Trading Card

CARD #28- Pocket Superheroes by Mego - Card number 28 is dedicated to one of my personal favourite toy lines of my child hood, Mego's Pocket Superheroes. Released in the late 1970s, these 3 3/4" figures kept my love of Superheroes alive in a time when everything around was space orientated.

Remco Monsters Trading Card

CARD #29- Remco Universal Monsters - Card number 29 Card #29 is the Remco Monsters. Anyone who has read this blog knows I'm terribly fond of the line and I loved this great glow in the dark shot, so it was a no brainer to get these out for October. Remco Universal Monsters Figure Gallery

More Cards in June 2010

Remco Monsters Trading Card

CARD #30- Kenner Alien - This card comes with a little bit of a story, I got lobbied to do it by someone over at the Megomuseum forums (thanks James). He even went out of way by mocking up what he thought the card should look like. This is important because and this might come as a shock but I'm not really a fan of Alien.

Remco Monsters Trading Card

CARD #31- Shindana Slade - Card #31 is one of my bigger regrets in toy collecting, I used to actually own a Shindana Slade doll and loved it but in the massive purge I did in preparation for my first child, he was cut from the team. It was one of those panicked things first time fathers do I guess. During that period I got rid of a ton of different toys, Stretch Armstrongs, my Aquaman collection, M.A.C, Mego dolls, G.I. Joes, Big Jims but Slade is the only sale I regret. As toy concepts go, he's one of my favourites. This has never worked before but if you have a Slade contact me!

Remco Monsters Trading Card

CARD #32- Stretch Armstrong - Card #32 shouldn't come as a suprise to anybody seeing as I'm kind of fascinated with this guy. One of the toys I like but will likely never own.

Remco Monsters Trading Card

CARD #33- Ghost of Captain Kidd - Card #33

I couldn't resist this awesome image from the Matchbox Fighting Furies line of toys, so much care was put into these.


Slime Sticker

Slime Sticker: Just something I whipped up for Mego Meet, I only made a few dozen and once they're gone, that's it. I did this kind of on the fly and utilized a new template as I noticed stickers rarely followed the same look as the sets when it came to old trading cards. Slime may still get it's own card in the future.

Lincoln International Mummy

Lincoln International Mummy: Just a fun thing I created to give out, it's based on the old Universal Monsters trading cards from 1980 except I used a Lincoln International Mummy. Lincoln Monsters are a childhood obsession of mine, I had every one of them.

Trading Card FAQ

How Do I Get Them? Follow through was never my strong point, I'll probably hold contests shortly or if you submit a photo to the Superhero Mall Appearance Gallery I'll gladly send you some. Also they are actively being traded on the Mego Museum Forums (which is officially the Plaid Stallions Message Board) so try there as well.

What's Next? I have no idea, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. I imagine much of the next wave could be figured out by looking my personal obsessions on the site, my criteria will be obscure but beloved toys of the 70's. I'll shy away from things that already have had card sets like Micronauts but there is so much subject matter I can't even begin to guess what's next.

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