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Lincoln International Mr. Rock

Lincoln Monsters

Lincoln Mr. Rock MOC

Lincoln Mr Rock Not technically a monster, Lincoln's homage to Star Trek "Mr. Rock" is often lumped in the category. This above carded example is missing his ray gun and space communicator. Given with his budget nature, Mr Rock's gun looks like a GI Joe Flare Gun and his "Space communicator" looks like a transister radio that would come with a barbie clone, it's even pink!

Lincoln Mr Rock

There are no known packaging variations for Mr. Rock and he's considered a very tough figure to find. Carded examples usually fetch thousands when they surface.

Lincoln Mr Rock

There are colour versions of Mr Rock's sweater, the one on the left is textured material while on the right is smoother and closer to a Mego Star Trek figure. I have no idea which figure came first and are equally rare at this point.

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